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August 17th
2:41 AM space

a message from hmcgee17

Do you draw Kevin x Edd? (From Ed, Edd, and Eddy?)

Nope. I’ve watched the show on occasion, but that’s about it. o:

August 16th
11:00 AM space
Happy Birthday Kitteh!
Three cute loli maids here at your service for your special day- so pull up a seat and let us take care of you!
<3-Neo, Squib, Bun

Happy Birthday Kitteh!

Three cute loli maids here at your service for your special day- so pull up a seat and let us take care of you!

-Neo, Squib, Bun

August 14th
6:01 PM space

a message from scribbles180

Your art and comics always make me fan girl and gush all over it. Love your art btw! And your plots with kitteh are very well thought out! ;3 LOV scribbly :3

Oh gosh gosh, thankyou kindly. The cat and I appreciate the sentiment muchly! ♥

5:26 PM space

a message from baraturtleboyfriends

So every little while I see your wonderful comic show up on my dash and because I forget everything in the span of time I see stuff I magically have to re-read it over again. And I really am loving it every time I go over it again, you make Leo out to be a super crazy cutie, and Raph is like dayummm. So super great job and good luck on Wind!

Oh gosh, thankyou kindly! :DD

I haven’t meant to draw Leo so much XD It’s just every pairing fanbook has had Leo in the pair- and Fire just happened to start out with Leo and Raph.
My fav turtle is actually Raph c: Since childhood! (All the rest of the boys are a very close second!)

August 13th
5:10 PM space



I’ve finished 5/6 pages of the start! Gunna let the cat get a jump on a few pages then we shall post!


August 12th
11:13 PM space

Tokyo Ghoul

Marathoned all 6 episodes with the cat




August 10th
10:33 PM space

a message from deadbluestar

screams if I would of known earlier that you had zadr keychains/my favorite fan art i would of purchase them aaaaaaaaaaah

Oh gosh, sorry XD I sold the last of the keychains just a few days ago.

I’m not sure when I’ll be making new keychains either.

BUT- I do have some cheap old ZADR prints I’m selling: HERE

August 7th
12:25 PM space

a message from flailingpyro

Ever since I found you on Deviantart years ago I've loved you art and it's rarther silly to admit but hoping to one day be able to draw as lovely as you has gotten me through many art blocks and for that I just want to say thank you. :3

Oh gosh! You’re very welcome and-

August 4th
2:13 PM space

a message from nickyisin

On that last note, sort if related but bit really. At the train station by my work there's this old guy that plays the saxophone and he can play the Adams family theme song an every time I see him I give him some money and he plays it for me and it's just one of the greatest moments ever. Just wanted to share.

c: Aw, that’s a really heart felt share. Thank you.

August 3rd
2:32 PM space

a message from dragonluvr65

Will you please make some more TMNT comics? And if so with Raph and Mikey? Please? I am a big fan of you. ❤️

Why thank you, I’m glad you like what I do.

Incidentally, because most of what I post is free, people seem to take it for granted. Sadly, art doesn’t just fall out of my face. It takes time, effort and inspiration. It doesn’t just appear on the screen at will.

Artists are like musicians playing on the street. The music is nice to listen to as you pass by, and it’s free to enjoy. But if you’re going to stop and make a request, toss a little coinage in their guitar case first.

Just food for thought.

July 31st
1:01 PM space
Breezies on the wind for you!
♥ Neo, Kitteh, Squib


Breezies on the wind for you!

♥ Neo, Kitteh, Squib

July 30th
4:08 PM space

Wow, recovering someone visiting / convention is taking longer than I thought XD

I didn’t think I was going to be this worn out after. And it isn’t necesarily a body tired, it’s a mentally tired. It’s nearly impossible to draw with a mentally tired clinging to your face.

Just letting ya’ll know I’m not completely dead. Just lurking.

July 23rd
8:23 PM space

Wasp comic on deviantart now

Just letting everyone know, WASP [ Donnie x Leo ] is now being posted on deviantart!

Deviantart archive: [link]

Tumblr archive: [link]

Carry on~

12:25 AM space

a message from keepcalmandlovetmnt-nick

Neo can you draw comic about raphXleo & donXmike ?like they never realize they have feeling for one and another..

Out of the blue? No.

As an art commission? More than likely.

July 22nd
9:34 PM space